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One of the requirements of upgrading to Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 SP1 for you clients is to ensure those clients reporting to MOM are running Windows Installer 3.1 or higher.  After attempting to install the agent on my Integration servers I noticed that  large amount of them did not have that version.  It sure would […]

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I had an issue today where I had to lock down a server using a group policy.  In this scenario I had to remove a lot of the Control Panel applets but not all of them.  Hopefully this list will help you lock down your Control Panel as well.  By the way, you could just […]

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Here are a few great articles that discuss how to restore Active Directory.  This is something you want to practice and document in your format so that when and I mean WHEN it happens you are prepared.Windows Server 2003 Performing a Nonauthoritative Restore of a Domain Controller Performing an Authoritative Restore of Active Directory Objects […]

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Well I didn”t make the switch but I made the switch for Sami.  Last night I got an iMAC for her to replace her Dell Laptop.  What a beautiful looking machine!!!  My plan is to not install BootCamp on it.  I really believe that Apple has done a good job with OS X and it should […]