I made the Switch!

Filed Under (Life of Brian) by on 16-05-2006

Well I didn”t make the switch but I made the switch for Sami.  Last night I got an iMAC for her to replace her Dell Laptop.  What a beautiful looking machine!!!  My plan is to not install BootCamp on it.  I really believe that Apple has done a good job with OS X and it should be difficult for her (or me) to learn.  Sure it was more expensive then just getting another Dell but for her and i”m sure a lot of folks looks really matter when it comes to computers.  I actually could have gotten a few lower end desktops for the same price which would have been nice for me but this one wasn”t for me, it was for her.  It didn”t hurt that Apple gives Intel a small discount.  That helped cover the tax.

I have to admit that I had more fun last night playing with it then I have had with a PC in a long time.  The built-in camera and i-Booth is great.  I can”t wait to get home tonight and play with it along with my daughter.  We are going to take some silly pictures.

Does anyone have any advice on software that I should get…I have noticed from friends that have i-Books that they have a lot of cool Widgets and such.  Share!!!

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