Control Panel Applets

Filed Under (Group Policy) by on 24-05-2006

I had an issue today where I had to lock down a server using a group policy.  In this scenario I had to remove a lot of the Control Panel applets but not all of them.  Hopefully this list will help you lock down your Control Panel as well.  By the way, you could just search for *.CPL files and find all of them.  This could be useful for future operating systems released by Microsoft.

  • access.cpl: Accessibility Properties

  • appwiz.cpl: Add/Remove Programs Properties

  • desk.cpl: Display Properties

  • hdwwiz.cpl: Add Hardware Wizard

  • inetcpl.cpl: Internet Explorer Properties

  • intl.cpl: Regional Settings Properties

  • joy.cpl: Joystick Properties

  • main.cpl: Mouse Properties

  • mmsys.cpl: Multimedia Properties

  • modem.cpl: Modems Properties

  • ncpa.cpl: Network Connections

  • powercfg.cpl: Power Options

  • sysdm.cpl: System Properties

  • timedate.cpl: Time/Date Properties

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