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One of the requirements of upgrading to Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 SP1 for you clients is to ensure those clients reporting to MOM are running Windows Installer 3.1 or higher.  After attempting to install the agent on my Integration servers I noticed that  large amount of them did not have that version.  It sure would have been nice to have known which version they were running.  I found such a way but it is only run on one server at a time.  Just log on to that machine and from the Run dialog box just type msiexec.exe /?.

Any scripting people out that know a better way please let me know.  I really need to make that a focus of mine…scripting.

Also if you need to download the latest version of Windows Installer just check here.


From the MOM product team on why they used this version of Windows Installer.

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  1.   Athif Says:

    If you want to check the version of the Windows Installer on your system, check the version of MSI.DLL in the WindowsSystem 32 folder. If the version is 3.1.4000.2435, you have the latest version.

    One common point of confusion is that even if you have the latest version of Windows Installer 3.1 on your system and you type in msiexec.exe /? from a command-window, you will still be told that you are on version 3.1.4000.1823 or 3.1.4000.1830. This is because msiexec.exe /? will only give you the version of msiexec on the system — not the other Windows Installer-related dll”s. (The version of msiexec was not updated to 3.1.4000.2435 with the (v2) redistributable, just msi.dll was updated.)

    Google around and you will find some more scripts.

    Happy Patching,


  2.   Athif Says:
  3.   Deep Sukhwani Says:

    I have been installing Windows Installer 4.5 just a couple of mins back, the installation for the same has started, in the mean while I was checking the version of windows installer installed in my laptop by the way how “Mohammed Athif Khaleel” has explained by checking out the version of msi.dll, however it shows 4.0.6001.18000

    Does this mean I have windows installer v4 installed in my laptop.??

    Deep S
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  4.   BrianM Says:

    I would think that it is running version 4 if that is the version it is giving you back. Did they even have a V4???



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