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Over on my alter-ego site AdminPrep I have an interview up there with Ben Smith who is a Senior Strategist with Microsoft.  Good stuff for you Security folks read up on and share with your community. Take a look here for it.

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Just saw this video on an investigative report dealing with Microsoft hiring college grads.  I would love to see more of this from Microsoft.  It always seems like they are this ultra conservative company from the outside but there really are some fun things that go on within the company.

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I know a lot of you are either looking at new certifications or looking to renew existing ones. This voucher is good for VUE testing centers only!!! Voucher # – MSUU4C7E701E Microsoft ONLY This voucher can be used as often as needed so feel free to share the voucher # with any other co-workers or […]

I just published another Rewind session entitled “Removing a DC from Active Directory“.  This session along with the other I created are free for anyone to use to help learn how to perform tasks within Windows.  If anyone else wants to help build a library of free task based online training let me know.  I”m sure there […]


I just saw off another MVPs blog that Microsoft is making Virtual PC 2004 free!  This is not a demo but instead the full product.  Microsoft has said for some time that this component will come with Vista and it looks like this confirms that as well.  Take a look for yourself. Just remember, you still […]

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Update: It looks like Microsoft is pulling this down.  The reason being that in a corporate environment it would be way to easy for people to hide stuff in this password protected folder.  There also is no recovery options.  I personnaly like it and if you can”t remember the password then don”t use it!!! Microsoft […]

I know most of you have done this time and time again but I always forget the steps on how to extend a partition on Windows Server 2003. Now I can always just take a look here to remind me what I need to do.  [:P] At a command prompt, type diskpart Type list volume to […]

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This is hands down the coolest thing I have seen on the web in a LONG time.  GE has an online whiteboard that you can actually share with people.  You have to check this out yourself! GE Whiteboard

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…is NOT going to be the next name for the server product currently known as Longhorn.  [:,,)]  However there were some pretty funny ones they came up with.  Check out some of the names they played around with here.