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Last night my wife Sami and I went to go see Jackass 2.  This was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  We had never seen the first one but occasionally would watch the TV show along with Wild Boyz and Bam's show.  I honestly couldn't stop laughing and crying throughout the entire […]


It has been almost a year since I’ve worked with Exchange…and the old adage is if you don’t use it, you lose it.  My first experience with that was when I lost all my UNIX knowledge after years of not using it.  Looks to me as if Exchange is going to the waist side too…although […]


Another day another task…   Today I needed to stop and disable the Print Spooler and Telephony services on about 40 servers.  Sure if I got paid by the hour I could just log on to each individual server and do it manually but I don’t get paid by the hour and that is the […]

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One of the main things i've been waiting for in the Longhorn betas have been enhancements to Active Directory.  Not much has been done thus far but some of the changes should be showing up in beta 3.  I have been able to discover some new Longhorn DCPROMO options that are pretty interesting though.  You […]

Although I really like what Microsoft has done with Server Manager in Windows Server Longhorn, it gets rather annoying having it pop up every time I log on.  I”m sure there are easier ways to stop this but being a Directory Services MVP I thought it would be best to calm this down with a […]