Viewing Hidden Mailboxes from ADUC

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It has been almost a year since I’ve worked with Exchange…and the old adage is if you don’t use it, you lose it.  My first experience with that was when I lost all my UNIX knowledge after years of not using it.  Looks to me as if Exchange is going to the waist side too…although it seems it is slipping even faster.  Perhaps I’m getting old…don’t answer that one.


Today I needed to view all the Exchange Hidden Mailboxes. Well my rusty old brain was telling me that it could be done through Exchange System Manager. The only down side to that was I didn’t have access to an Exchange server to view them nor did I have access to an admin box that had it installed. All I had was Active Directory Users and Computers. With that I knew that I could queries within AD to see this info. The only hard part was finding out what I need to query for to find hidden mailboxes. After seconds of thinking…okay so more like hours but seemed like days I figured it out. Below are the steps that will find that data for you.


1. Bring up Active Directory Users & Computers.
2. Right-click your domain name at the top, and choose Find.
3. In the Find combo box at the top, select Custom Search.
4. Click the Advanced tab.
5. Paste in the following LDAP query:

2 Responses to “Viewing Hidden Mailboxes from ADUC”

  1.   bradley Says:

    That query will kill DCs in a large environment. ObjectClass is not indexed unless you specifically index it:


    If msExchHideFromAddressLists isn”t indexed I”d consider throwing a (mail=*) in there to narrow it down even more.


  2.   Brian Says:

    Thanks Bradley for the advice. It was funny the next time I tried to open ADUC with it on this query it took a good 10 minutes. I”ll try it out next Monday and let you know if it is better.



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