Unbelievable Remote Desktop Software!!!

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I’ve been looking for a good tool that allows me to manage a large amount of servers via Remote Desktop for…well for as long as I can remember.  I’ve become tired of the Remote Desktops MMC because of its lack of features.  Yesterday I found a truly unbelievable application that I have to share with all of you.  Its name is VisionApp Remote Desktop  and best of all it is FREEWARE!

VisionApp Remote Desktop allows you to manage your servers via Remote Desktop with the following features:

·      Sort Servers Alphabetically (This made me so angry that I couldn’t do this with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop MMC.  When you have to manage a lot of servers it really sucks that when you add new ones that follow a naming convention that they fall out of order now.)

·      Create folders to help sort different types of servers (I created folders for my Production, Integration, Development and Virtual servers.  This has made it extremely easy to find what I’m looking for.)

·      Tabbed Remote Desktops (Tabs are huge right now and this tool takes full advantage of them.  I can now open several different types of servers from different folders and access them via the tabs on the top.)

Please take some time to evaluate this product yourself as it is a huge timesaver.

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  1.   Robert. Says:

    Sounds interesting. I”m going to download, but why is the install 143 Mb?!!!


  2.   Robert. Says:

    Oops – click the wrong link. Download is quite small < 1Mb. Nice tool – thanks!


  3.   BrianM Says:

    Yes please make sure you down load this one – visionapp Remote Desktop (vRD 1.4)


  4.   Thomson Says:

    Hi BrianM
    Do you know the tool RoyalTS?
    It looks the same, it”s OpenSource and you can get it from http://www.code4ward.net

    You need DotNet Framework 1.1 for it.


  5.   sj Says:

    Looks like a nice replacement! Especially since I couldn”t find a way to use the Remote desktop snapin on Vista.



  6.   Derek Says:

    Wow! This is exactly what we have been looking for! We too have been cursing the lack of features with the RD mmc for months. Thanks for sharing! Our whole IT department thanks you!


  7.   Frank Roth Says:

    Hi guys,

    we have just released the new version of visionapp Remoet Desktop. We have fixed some bugs and added a lot of new functionality (Vista support etc…).

    Please check for the new features:

    Feel free to download the new version:

    Have fun with vRD 1.5!



  8.   damien Says:

    What an awesome find! Thanks for the tip!


  9.   Scott Taylor Says:

    Definately great! Been looking for something like this for a long time now, the out of box tools are such a pain!


  10.   KB Says:

    Nice tool, I just wish it had MMC integration capabilities.


  11.   Kirk Says:

    Does this support Network Authentication??? This gripes me, I have Vista and want to connect to other vista machines or windows 08 machines and I can”t use tsmmc!!!


  12.   PJ Says:

    Just set up all my servers – a great inprovement on the mmc snapin.  
    Looking at the features in the next (commercial) release, I”d be happy to pay 46Euros – I mean how much time does it need to save to pay for itself?
    Thanks for the information


  13.   Donovan Says:

    I like the promise of the tool, but like KB I wish there was mmc integration. I use the Remote Desktops mmc with other snap-ins as well (DHCP, ADUC, etc.). Having all these tools in one place is great. Not being able to sort them SUCKS. It would probably take someone at Microsoft an hour to fix Remote Desktops to work as it should. Too bad we have to wait till the next server release to get a refined version of Remote Desktops.


  14.   Steven Maynard Says:

    I”ve recently switched from LogMeIn Rescue to Techinline Remote Desktop (www.techinline.com). It”s by far the simplest to connect to the remote computer since it requires absolutely no installation on either end. When comparing to the high priced services on the market such as LogMeIn, Webex, VNC, gotoassist, at $30 a month it”s a steal! Although it”s not as full-featured as LogMeIn Rescue, it”s perfect for simple remote support work that I do


  15.   Bryan Says:

    Beats MMC hands down! Great tool!


  16.   tjcarst Says:

    I would like to try this app, but there seems to be something wrong with the registration page. I keep getting this error:

    We could not validate your mail address.



  17.   BrianM Says:

    Hi Terri,

    I”m not sure what the problem might be. You may want to contact them. It may take a day or two but they have always gotten back to me with my questions.


  18.   Preetam Says:

    Thank you for this info, tool is amazing


  19.   Seal Says:


    I just read, that visionapp has now a new freeware version of vRD. vRD 2008 Express. It seemed to be like the commercial version but with some limitations.


  20.   BrianM Says:

    Indeed it does look like it is available now. http://www.visionapp.com/resources/downloads/products-freeware.html

    I don”t like the limitation of 15 objects though.


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