Bill Gates let Windows Home Server out of the bag

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I just read over at the Windows Server Division blog that at last night”s CES keynote Bill Gates announced the Windows Home Server. This should be interesting as it will no doubt be a welcome addition to most of us geeks. It is going to allow you to back up other PCs you may have on your home network and also stream movies across the network. It supposed to be moving into Beta too soon so if you can in on it you may want to.

Now I just wonder if it will have a light version of Active Directory for home networks…guess I”ll have to find out at the MVP summit.

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  1.   michael crabtree Says:

    i wonder if they are too late to gain ground in this area? i think if it is a dedicated media/file/print server system with a focus on ease of use and management and it is priced well within the reach of its user base, they may have a chance.

    right now, most people are just using xp since they have less than 10 users on the lan.

    i recently switched to samba since i replaced vonage with asterisk@home / Trixbox.

    but its lack of management out of the box will stop most people


  2.   BrianM Says:

    I think you hit most of the key factors. Price is going to be huge. Microsoft is going to put this in the channel the same way it did with Media Center. Initially it is only going to be available through system builders and integrated onto a Home Server system.

    I think Microsoft has a great opportunity to become a leader in this soon to be very large market. I just hope that they really put innovation into this and not just piece it together with existing code.


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