Longhorn to add 700 New Group Policies

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When Windows Server Longhorn is released it will include 700 more Group Policy settings then Windows Server 2003 with SP1! I for one can”t wait for Longhorn and just reading about all the new Group Policy settings gets me pumped up. Although it would go down in the Guinness book of world records as the longest blog ever I will refrain from sharing every settings with you. What I will do is go over some of the new categories that I think will be most useful.

Group Policy Categories that have some really cool settings in them:

  • Antivirus

  • Deployed Printer Connections

  • Device Installation

  • Networking – Quarantine

  • Terminal Services

  • User Account Protection

You can always find out more on Microsoft”s site, take a look here for more info on all the new categories.

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