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I just tried registering my MSMVPS.com account with Word 2007”s blogging ability and had some problems. I finally got it working but thought I would share my findings with you and with this help post a test blog to ensure it works…boy if it doesn”t all of this typing is going to waste.

First off you will want to register your blog account with Word 2007. I won”t show you all the screen shots here but here is the easiest way to get there and also to post new blogs.

During this wizard you will want to choose which type of service your blog is running on. Since MSMVPS.com is run off of Community Server here is what I selected.

It took me several times to get this next part right (and it wasn”t because I forgot my password). You have to know your Blog Post URL…well I guess missed that day in how to blog on a Community Server because this one took some time for me to figure out. However if you are using Community Server all you need to do is us the same path as me except with your domain name.

Put in your User Name and Password and you”re off to blogging within Word 2007.

If you want to use your tags just select the Insert Category button on the top of Word 2007 and it will get them from you blog provider.  This is cool stuff.

The one area I had problems with was with the pictures.  I had to upload them separately but I’m sure someone will let me know that it can be done.  If it does work I would like it to upload into Community Server. 


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  1.   Rickard Olsson Says:

    I have tried to build my blogging totaly based on Word 2007, it is all done by Word 2007 and the experience gained at:


  2.   ChrisJSIQuit Says:

    hello everybody im new here n have a simple question bout your software.

    where can i add a skype contact to a user page?

    thanks in advance


  3.   HownSmoonee Says:

    Great blog. I like layout!!!!


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