The Media/Entertainment/Game Room Begins

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For quite some time now I”ve been neglecting my office. I”m not really sure why that is. Perhaps that I”m in love with Sami”s Dual Core I-Mac running XP or it may be that I really hate going upstairs to work…I admit with age comes laziness.

Sami and I have discussed using the room as Entertainment/Game room. Well today made it official. We went ahead and purchased a two seat movie theater couch (We got it in black). I know, you”re thinking why so small, why not a three seater… Two reasons:

  1. We are restricted by the size of the room

  2. The seats are for us. The kids can sit on the floor if they want to watch a movie with us J

The next purchase will be the TV. As Sami sits next to me she says “YIKES!!!” We are going to go with a Westinghouse LVM-42W2. I honestly can”t wait to see some of my Xbox 360 games in 1080P (as my close friends now laugh out loud at my latest hiatus from Xbox Live).

I”m going to be looking for several thinks to finish out the room. I need to find a decent priced Mini-Fridge and Microwave. I also need to replace my rather large desk with a much smaller one however it still needs to fit my 26in LCD. Any suggestions on those please feel free to comment.

Here is what the floor plans look like currently.

Media Center Room

The only thing that is final is the couch and TV, everything else still needs to be planned. I”m also debating what type of flooring I want to use. The room definitely needs new carpet but Sami wants wood floors…does she not care about those poor girls of ours and how uncomfortable it will be. J

I would love to hear what you all have to say. Any advice or past experiences would be great. I”ll keep you all up to date and include pics of the room as we go down this path.

4 Responses to “The Media/Entertainment/Game Room Begins”

  1.   Your Mother in Law Says:

    This was cute…

    Suggestions on the floor. Maybe wood wtih a nice round rug in front of the chairs. Being their Grandmother I”m thinking of the girls..

    It will also keep Nela from peeing on all the carpet, but it will also be cooler than all carpet…

    Love You Guys,

    Mom 😉


  2.   Brian W. McCann Says:

    I was thinking a bear rug…just kidding! I just can”t wait to paint that room. Do you know how long I have been waiting to do that? I wonder how long it will take us to finish this project?
    Alyssa has picked some colors out. Pink, blue or green or black! NICE!!!!

    We love ya,
    Your loving, awesome wife!!!!


  3.   Matt Says:

    I think wood floors would be fine with a nice area rug. Just let me know when its done so I can help break her in!!


  4.   Sami Says:

    I can”t wait until this theater thing is over. Oh, the stress!!!! 🙂 No breaking in the wood floors Matt, we are stuck with carpet. Brian said he doesn”t like the creaking. We are possibly getting the carpet in this week. Yahoo! Anyone for a drink and movie night????


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