My Arm and Back Hurt!

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Last night around 11:30 I went to Wal-Mart because I heard they were going to get 20 Nintendo Wiis.  When I got there, there were about 30 total people waiting in line.  I felt pretty good because there were several families and at my count I was about 19 in line if everything went smooth.  Promptly at midnight 3 men and 1 woman came out pushing a cart of the prized possession.  After the line started moving I realized too things. First, more people were buying in pairs with their family and finally they didn”t start out with 20 but instead 16!  I knew know my chances of getting a Wii were slim.  🙁

When I got to about the 4th person up I did the calculations and realized that I was in fact number 17 in line and that there really was only 16 available.  The lady in front of me who was an older Asian lady asked if I had any kids.  I said I have two girls. She wanted to know if they were a factor in me buying the Wii.  It absolutely was and is a factor in me buying a Wii.  I love my Xbox 360 but it really isn”t family oriented.  Regardless, she gave up here spot for me to get the Wii and I”m now a hero to my family.  Thank you lady! 

I bought Zelda and Wario World and both are a true blast.  However the game we currently play the most as a family is Wii Sports.  As for controllers, I bought an extra Remote and NunChuck along with a classic controller so that we can download some of the older games and relive our past.

Bottom line is that my arm hurts…along with Sami and Sue”s.  I don”t know if Alyssa”s does since kids never get sore from such activities.  I have to say that,, if you are looking for a fun workout this is the device to get. 

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  1.   sami Says:

    Well, I just want to say that those little string things that are supposed to hold the thing to your wrist don”t work. My mom almost knocked me out with the freaking thing. My elbow was bruised for about a week after that.


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