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At last year’s Tech-Ed TechNet Magazine gave away a really cool Active Directory Jigsaw puzzle.  I just saw that it is now available online to download.  I think it is a great resource for everyone who interacts with Active Directory to look at.  Check out the full version here in PDF format.  Just a warning […]

I posted yesterday that Microsoft is having a Windows Vista launch in Phoenix on the 17th of January but there is some really exciting news to now go with that. I just heard from Microsoft that each REGISTERED and ATTENDED individual (MUST be registered and MUST attend) will receive a free copy of Office 2007 […]

I’ve been looking for a good tool that allows me to manage a large amount of servers via Remote Desktop for…well for as long as I can remember.  I’ve become tired of the Remote Desktops MMC because of its lack of features.  Yesterday I found a truly unbelievable application that I have to share with […]

This January Microsoft will be having one of their launch events here in Phoenix on January 17th.  If you”re interested in finding out more details on Windows Vista, Exchange 2007 or Office 2007 then you”ll want to show up.  Heck even if you want to get some kewl swag you need to show up.  You can register for the event here. […]