Windows Vista DreamScene

Filed Under (Windows Vista) by on 18-02-2007

It appears Microsoft has released another Windows Vista Ultimate extra. This one is known as DreamScene and was by far the most asked about feature of Vista at the Phoenix launch in the “Ask the Experts” area. DreamScene allows you to play .mpeg and .wmv videos as your desktop background! The only one that comes with this download is for the Windows Aurora background which makes it appear as sunlight is coming from the top of the screen.

You may be thinking that this will be another piece of software that will drain the CPU…well it may but that really depends on your GPU. DreamScene is designed to tax your video card”s GPU and not your system”s CPU. My system has a Geforce 6800 and it still pegged my CPU at 90% so I”m hoping future ones won”t be so taxing…that or perhaps it”s time to get a new video card.

I really can”t wait to see some of the scenes that come out of this and would love to have one that was a fish tank. If you have Vista Ultimate you better check the Microsoft Update to get yours now!

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