Have you ever wanted to call Bill Gates?

Filed Under (Life of Brian) by on 18-03-2007

Just got back from the MVP Summit and all I can say is that it was GREAT! There were so many great people there so much sharing of knowledge.

During the Keynote which was done by Bill Gates a former co-worker of mine got up to ask a question. He went out to talk about how he had a copy of MITS Altair BASIC 4K and wanted to know if Bill would sign it, which he did. One of the best things was that in manual there it stated that if you had support issues to call the software department and that Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Monte Davidoff will be glad to assist you.

After the keynote I went up to Lorin and took the following picture:

I have to say that I”m extremely jealous of Lorin since I myself am a collector of old Microsoft software. My earliest box is Windows 286. The Altair BASIC is the holy grail of software products since it was the first. Great job Lorin!!!

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