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Now that my home theater room is 99% complete it is time to update my computer. The reason being is that my current computer is too large and not powerful enough for what I need. Let”s start with power… How does an Intel QX6700 Core 2 Extreme sound? One of the great benefits of working […]

After the initial install of Server Core the “Wow” factor ends fairly soon. The main reason for this is because the server is really not doing much. Like any server if you want to start using a feature of it you have to install it…Server Core is no different. At the present time (it may […]


Just because you”re running Server Core doesn”t mean you can get around Activation. No more going to the Start Menu -> Programs option. In Server Core you can Activate the server in two ways, one locally and the other remotely. Both ways use the Software Licensing Management Tool (Slmgr.vbs) Local Method: At the command prompt […]

You”ve installed Server Core and think it”s time to join that new server to your domain. Since you can”t right click on My Computer any more you”ll have to learn how to do it the Server Core way. From the command prompt type the following with: netdom join ComputerName /domain:DomainName /userd:UserName /passwordd:* A couple things […]

It may seem like an easy task but have you thought about how you”re going to reset your password on a server running Longhorn”s Server Core? Right after you install Server Core you are prompted to log on. It is a bit confusing since the user that shows up is called “Other”. Once you click […]

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I was pleasantly surprised to get the email regarding my MVP renewal. This is my second year and I”m just as excited and thankful this time around as the first! I have to say the MVP summit really got me excited about wanted to work with technology even more and then to share that knowledge […]