How to Reset Your Password in Server Core

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It may seem like an easy task but have you thought about how you”re going to reset your password on a server running Longhorn”s Server Core? Right after you install Server Core you are prompted to log on. It is a bit confusing since the user that shows up is called “Other”. Once you click (yes the mouse is still there) on that user (which is really the local Administrator) you enter a blank password. One of the first things you should be thinking about is “How the hell do I change that password?”

I”ve found two ways to change the password.

  • The first method is to press CTRL+ALT+DEL and then select the Change a password… option. But wait a minute…this is Server Core and we are supposed to be using the command prompt for all this.
  • Option number two is to enter: net user administrator * at the command prompt. You will then be prompted to enter your new password. Don”t worry it won”t show up as you type it!

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  1.   Mahmoud Says:

    Blank Password for the user Administrator


  2.   Mahmoud Says:

    Thanks for sharing


  3.   Colin Says:

    Unfortunately I was locked out and eventually I reset the password by booting from PCUnlocker Live CD. Thank you!


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