Quad Core in a Little Package

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Now that my home theater room is 99% complete it is time to update my computer. The reason being is that my current computer is too large and not powerful enough for what I need. Let”s start with power… How does an Intel QX6700 Core 2 Extreme sound?

One of the great benefits of working at Intel is that we get CPUs at about half off. (No I will not buy one for you!) This should allow me to run several virtual machines and not run into a CPU bottleneck. I”m going to have to get some more RAM but the 3 GB I have now will work. Of course Windows Vista Ultimate x64 will be installed on it. I could have gone for huge drives but currently don”t have the need for it. My total storage space will be around 500 GB. Shame on me but I went with an ATI 1950Pro video card. The big reason was that I didn”t need to get a high performance GPU but instead was looking for a low power GPU that will still allow me to game if need be.

But wait…I said my original computer was too large. My new computer is going to use a Shuttle XPC and specifically the SD39P2. This will fit perfectly in my component stand for in my home theater room.

Love to hear if anyone has any thoughts on the system.

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  1.   Candi Says:

    When Mick got his new processor, I asked him if you had gotten a case of chip-envy and upgraded too. And of course, he told me ”yes”.

    You are so predictable! 🙂


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