Desktop Icons No Longer Transparent

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Sami had a strange issue with her computer today where all of her desktop icons were no longer transparent. She is running Windows XP and the only thing she says she did was change her desktop background. I”ve seen all kinds of crazy fixes from going into the System Properties to change settings, some people recommend going into the Registry and deleting keys from there, and others want you to install 3rd party software to fix a problem that has a TWO click solution.

Right click on your desktop and hover over “Arrange Icons By” and uncheck “Lock Web Items on Desktop”. That”s it.

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  1.   Jot Says:

    Wow, that”s intuitive. I swear that the user interface designers for Microsoft failed out of the “Ikea School of Instruction Creation”. If I wanted to put in a little effort, I”m sure I could make that acronym obscene.


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