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If you have been beta testing Windows Server 2008 for any amount of time you will have noticed that the build number has stayed the same at 6001. I”m not sure about the rest of the world but this always got to me when I got the latest build of Longhorn because I never knew […]

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Bob Muglia mentioned in the keynote at TechEd 2007 (really wish I could be there) that IIS7 was in fact going to be included in Server Core. I know that a lot of hosting providers have been screaming for this and rightfully so. While this sounds like outstanding news it is only the first step […]

I wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest developments of the missing AdminPak for Windows Vista. To catch up on the subject you can look here and then here. I have some good news and some OK news. First the good news: I have been informed by Microsoft (the team that is responsible for […]

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I think that it is pretty obvious that the majority of the Admins out there want Windows Vista to have an Official AdminPak. While you and I may not be able to convince Microsoft that an AdminPak is truly needed, perhaps we can help solve the problem and come up with a solution. I”ll throw […]