Update: AdminPak for Windows Vista

I wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest developments of the missing AdminPak for Windows Vista. To catch up on the subject you can look here and then here.

I have some good news and some OK news. First the good news:

I have been informed by Microsoft (the team that is responsible for Admin Pack) that they will be coming out with a new tool tentatively called Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) which will replace AdminPak for Windows Vista. This is not a direct replacement but a solution similar to AdminPak. I don”t have any details yet but once I do (and am able to talk about it) I”ll keep you informed.

Now on to the OK news:

This looks like it will not be available until Vista SP1. I don”t call that bad news because at least something is coming out to help with the administration. Before anyone asks I have no idea when SP1 will be released.

Even though this is going to come out sometime in the future I still think the community should try to work together and see if they can create a cool way of doing this type of administration in the mean time. Take a look here for further details.

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  1.   Paul Says:

    While I know this solution is not a true fix, I just wanted to throw one out which sidesteps this issue a bit. If you are using the Softgrid Application Virtualization servers -client 4.2 minimum-(http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/softgrid/default.mspx) you can sequence the Windows 2003 Admin Pak and deploy it to your Vista boxes this way and it runs beautifully without having to run the dll registration on each box.


  2.   cumhur Says:

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