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I was just doing some catching up on some blog reading and saw that Keith Combs from Microsoft has an excellent screencast on Windows Server 2008 Password Caching on Domain Controllers. In fact he just doesn”t show you how to set it up he takes it to a whole new level by first installing Server […]

Back in January of 2007 I posted that TechNet Magazine had a really cool poster that showed Active Directory as a Jigsaw puzzle. I noticed in my latest copy of TechNet Magazine that it included two new posters. One of them was another Active Directory poster that showed all the cool new stuff in Windows […]

Jose Barreto just informed me that he has an excellent list of what has changed between Server 2008 Beta 3 and Server 2008 June CTP. The link shows what changed with Enterprise Edition and Server Core. What I really enjoy about this list is that: It is simple to read and understand (follows the KISS […]

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I read a few weeks back that Microsoft extended their warranty on the XBOX 360 for an additional 3 years. I was kind of surprised that Microsoft did that since it is rare to see a company react that way to customer complaints. Not that I think Microsoft is a shady company, but it does […]