Console Problems

Filed Under (Life of Brian) by on 24-07-2007

I read a few weeks back that Microsoft extended their warranty on the XBOX 360 for an additional 3 years. I was kind of surprised that Microsoft did that since it is rare to see a company react that way to customer complaints. Not that I think Microsoft is a shady company, but it does show how much they care about their image.

Most of my friends have 360s but I haven”t heard a single complaint about this Red Lights. To be honest I hardly ever play my 360 now that I have my Wii. However we do use it as a DVD player for the girls to use to watch their movies. The girls don”t actually put the movies in as they are still a bit too young to give that responsibility too. My friends play the heck out of their 360s!

Well just the other day Sami turned it on to put a movie in and sure enough we had the infamous Red Lights!!! I quickly did a search on the Internet and knew that it wasn”t looking good. I ended up calling them up and they are now sending me the UPS shipping info to have me ship it back for a replacement. L

My 360 is not the only device I”m having problems with. For the longest time my Wii also has had a 1 pixel horizontal line all the way across the screen of my TV. I called them up and they also have sent me the shipping info. L

For the next few weeks the McCann family will be without all console joy!!! Hopefully they hurry up and send them back home.

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