Windows Server 2008 Component Posters

Back in January of 2007 I posted that TechNet Magazine had a really cool poster that showed Active Directory as a Jigsaw puzzle. I noticed in my latest copy of TechNet Magazine that it included two new posters. One of them was another Active Directory poster that showed all the cool new stuff in Windows Server 2008 and the other was one of the Windows Server 2008 Components. I just saw that the both of these are now available to download from Microsoft. This is something you will want to get your hands on and if you don”t get TechNet the magazine this is a great way to print it out too.

2 Responses to “Windows Server 2008 Component Posters”

  1.   linda Says:

    The poster is great, but when you print it out it is so small and even printing it out at 11×17 still cannot read it.
    This is the only negative about the poster, I wish you can order it.


  2.   BrianM Says:

    Hi Linda,
    I”ve heard of people bringing that file to Kinkos or somewhere like that and having it blown up to a much larger poster size.


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