Clustering SQL Server Integration Services

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Had the pleasure of clustering SSIS the other day and it was not as simple as a thought it should have been. Not that it was difficult it was just being tricky. To cluster a service like this you have to select the Generic Service resource type for the cluster resource. When I looked at the service name of SSIS I went to services.msc to find that service. On the General tab you can see the “Path to executable:” There the service executable name was listed as msdtssrvr. After putting that name into the Generic Service Parameters it gave me an error that this was not the name. After some digging on the file system I found that the actual name is MsDtsServer. Apparently the letter e was left out of the original entry I had. One other area that needs some attention is the Registry Replication page, here you must enter SOFTWAREMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server100SSISServiceConfigFile.

Hopefully that helps you.

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  1.   Vincent Pan Says:

    MsDtsServer should be MsDtsServer100.


  2.   BrianM Says:

    Vincent, is that for SQL 2008? Although it wasn”t mentioned above my issue dealt with SQL 2005. Either way that is is good info to know if it is for 2008. 🙂


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