AdminPak (Remote Server Administration Tools) for Windows Vista Almost Ready

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This is been a hot topic here for a long time. Back in May I mentioned that there was going to be no AdminPak and sure enough that was confirmed. Microsoft”s decision was to create a new tool called the Remote Server Administration Tools. Back in June Microsoft said it would be released with Vista SP1.

We now finally have the ability to test the Remote Server Administration Tools out by participating in the beta. Go here to get involved and PROVIDE your feedback directly to Microsoft appears the link is currently not working.  Keep trying to ensure you get into the beta.  I’ll update here when I confirm it works.

There will be a chat hosted by Microsoft on the 3rd of December so this would be another great time to let them know how it works:

Please join Microsoft for a live chat on Monday, December 3, 2007 at 12:00 – 1:00 pm PST and get all your questions about Remote Server Administration Tools answered:
Password: 43322110SAT

I haven”t had time yet to play with this so I would love to hear what you think of the new tools. Please leave comments and let the community know.

7 Responses to “AdminPak (Remote Server Administration Tools) for Windows Vista Almost Ready”

  1.   Mike Says:

    Anyone been able to download this yet??


  2.   Michael Says:

    No I have not been able to download


  3.   Mike Says:

    Tried this link about 10 times a day since it was published on various sites and always got page not found….did anyone ever get it?


  4.   Ron Barrett Says:

    Not having remote server adminstration tools is a “show stopper” for deploying Vista SP1 at my site. Do you have any ETA on the released (fully tested) version of RSAT?


  5.   BrianM Says:

    Ron you”re not the only one waiting on these tools to deploy it to your environment. Microsoft still stands by the tool will be released once SP1 is released…I just wish they would tell me which release date. 🙂


  6.   Jake Kane Says:

    Indeed, SP1 has been release and still no word on the tool pak…


  7.   JamesM Says:

    Well Vista SP1 has been released and no RSAT. I can”t even find a place to download the beta.


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