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Fellow Directory Services MVP Mark Minasi has a great table that shows a ton DNS commands using dnscmd. For those of you getting ready to use Server Core here is yet another list of commands that will come in handy. All I can say is WOW!!! Function DNSCMD option Example Comments Do any dnscmd command […]


It”s been quite awhile since my last Server Core blog so I feel obligated to share some of the other findings that I have.  I”ve been asked several times how to configure TCP/IP settings on a Server Core server. To configure the IP address we will have to remember (or learn) Netsh. Configure a Static […]

It looks like Microsoft finally released RSAT for Windows Vista.  What a relief.  We can finally effectively manage our environment with Vista.  It can be downloaded in two versions, 32bit or 64bit.  What Is Included in RSAT? This is the list of Windows Server 2008 administration tools which are included in RSAT: Role Administration Tools: […]

I”m confused…really confused.  One of Windows Server 2008”s new touted upgrades is IIS7.  Maybe it”s just me but I”ve always thought FTP was part IIS…and it is in Windows Server 2008.  So why am I so confused.  Well apparently Microsoft and the IIS team (which I”m a big fan of!) released another version of FTP […]

I”ve always loved these spreadsheets as they allow a quick and easy way to search for Group Policies.  With Server 2008 live and Vista SP1 out Microsoft has updated their reference sheet to add all the new Group Policy settings.  There are now over 2700 settings you can apply in your environment…have fun!

2011-01-10 21:55:35

My friend Norm asked if I could post this sample Sysprep.xml file as he couldn”t find anything online yet to really help him with Server 2008 and Sysprep.  If you have any questions or feedback just leave it in the comments and I”ll be sure to have Norm review them. Here”s a sample sysprep.xml that […]