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I know i”m late on this but I”ve got to blog about it.  Fellow Directory Services MVP Guy Teverovsky has created the coolest tool yet for Server 2008 Server Core.  It is the Server Core CoreConfigurator.  After you copy the four files to your Server Core server you have a great tool to help with […]

Some of you may have noticed there were some missing tabs in Active Directory Users and Computers after you installed RSAT on Windows Vista.  Specifically the Terminal Services Profile, Remote Control, Environment, and Sessions tabs are not there.  The reason behind this is because Windows Vista is missing the TSUSEREX.DLL…basically it can”t be a Terminal […]

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Wow…I can”t believe i”ve been awarded my MVP in Directory Services again!!!  This is my third year in a row and i”m honored again.  It really does go to show that karma is alive and well.  Brian