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I’m always of fan of shortcuts and the Windows Server 2008 Administrator”s Companion from Microsoft Press has a complete list of the command line shortcuts for starting Administrative Consoles for Server 2008.  There are plenty of other goodies in this book so make sure you take a look at getting this one.  Command Line Console […]

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While I’ve always been a fan of Task Manager but lets face the facts…its has its limitations.  Mark Russinovich has rolled up his wonderful Sysinternal Troubleshooting Utilities into a single download that can be found here. In there you will find the ultra popular Process Explorer.  Well I wanted to test out some stuff on […]

I just read over at Jane Lewis”s blog that if you plan on deploying Server 2008 Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC) and have down-level clients (XP and 2003 clients) then you will want to check out the RODC Compatibility Pack. I know a lot of people are planning on deploying this so this should be […]

Server Core has been a popular topic for me over the last year as it is something completly different from what i”m used to working on.  I love the GUI but I know there are times when I have to do things via the command line.  Well if you are going to deploy Server Core […]

I”ve just written a small article on the common steps that I perform when doing health checks on domain controllers.  AdminPrep is not up right now so I”ll post the health check stuff here.  I would love for you to come back here and let me know what else you do when you do health checks […]