Administrator”s Guide to Server Core Commands

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Server Core has been a popular topic for me over the last year as it is something completly different from what i”m used to working on.  I love the GUI but I know there are times when I have to do things via the command line.  Well if you are going to deploy Server Core in your environment then you will need to have the following guide to ensure that you know how to configure your new server.

 I”ve finally compiled a list of commands for Server Core into one article over at AdminPrep. I”ve sinced moved them to my blog hereSwing back here when your done to comment on it.

2 Responses to “Administrator”s Guide to Server Core Commands”

  1.   James Says:

    This is absolutely Gold – very nice piece of work Brian 🙂



  2.   Chuck vdL Says:

    Great stuff. Although you have the commands for auto-update controls wrong. you have the commands ending in /4 to enable and /1 to disable.. the values are correct the bhe slashes are not.. only the ”validate” option (to display the current setting) uses the slash.

    To enable or disable auto-updates on server core, you need to use those commands, but end them with just 4 or 1


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