Upcoming Trip to Israel

Filed Under (Life of Brian) by on 02-07-2008

You know I haven’t had a personal post about me and my life in quite some time.  Just thought I’d share that next week I’ll be traveling to Israel for the first time.  I’ll be staying in Tel Aviv and am really excited about being there for two weeks.  I can’t wait to really take in the sights and history.

Of course it won’t all be about site seeing as I’m going there for work.  For those not in the know, Intel has several locations in Israel. My wife Sami is a bit scared for me but from everyone I know that lives there and/or has been there says it is a safe place to be.  You just have to make sure you know certain areas to not go near.  I think she just doesn’t want to be left alone with our two crazy girls ;-,,)

I’ll be sure to post some pictures for those that are interested

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