Easy Way to View Windows Server 2008 and Vista’s Network Card Properties

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That has to be the longest title I’ve ever had in any blog.  In my opinion this has the ability to the best post I’ve ever created too.  The reason being that I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier…and then share them with you.  EVERY single person I’ve spoken to about Windows Server 2008 has been frustrated with the amount of clicks and initial confusion on how to get to the Network Card properties.  Hopefully this will help.

The plan is the create a custom shortcut and copy it to the desktop for easy access (isn’t it always about easy access?).

1. From where ever you want the shortcut create, Right click and select New –> Shortcut  (I recommend the Desktop)


2. Put the following path into location C:windowsSystem32ncpa.cpl

3. Click Next and type what ever you would like the name of the Shortcut Icon to appear as.

4. Time to change the way the Icon looks – Right Click on the newly created Shortcut and select Properties

5. Click the Change Icon… button and pick whichever Icon you prefer.

6. We finally have an icon available to view the Network Interfaces on our Windows Server 2008 and Vista machines



Unlike Windows 2000 and 2003 where you had to right-click and select Properties here you will have to double click the icon…which I think is just a bit easier.

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  1.   Tiensivu Says:

    There is another way to do this too. Once you are in ”Network Connections”, if you right click on the ”Network Connections” text in the Control Panel browser text area, and tell it to ”Copy Address”, you can go to your desktop area and right click, and tell it to ”Paste as Shortcut”.

    It is one of the first things I do on any Vista or 2008 box, and the Windows team is well aware of how many people are annoyed with how many clicks it takes.


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