Follow up on my trip To Israel

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I haven’t followed up on my trip to Israel late last month.  What a great place to visit.  I stayed at the David InterContinental which is a really nice hotel on the south side of Tel Aviv. The beach there was great.  The sea is so warm compared to the Pacific ocean.  I thought the weather there was wonderful.  I expected it to be much hotter but it was nothing compared to Phoenix.

There were some adventurous times though.  Trying to get gas was a challenge since the pump was in Hebrew.  One thing I learned from going inside to pay up front is that Israeli people do NOT know how to form a line.  It is the weirdest thing.  I love the people, but if you leave any space between you and the people around you someone will come in and stand in front of you.  Being from the states has also spoiled me on free drink refills.  That does not happen there as most soft drinks are in glass bottles. 

During my trip I went to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Both are a must see and you can see some of the pictures on Flickr where I uploaded them.  I’ll upload more over time.

My trip was a successful one.  We successfully migrated one of our child domain environments out of one of our forests into a new one.  Way to go ADMT.  The best part of that was the people that meet there.  Dror, Yossi, Kfir, Yaniv, David, Efrat, Saar, Boris, Roni, Daniel, Roi,and Anat were a great bunch to work with.  I’m sure I’ve missed someone so I apologize.  I wish Numonyx all the best going forward.

Also on my trip I met up with Daniel Petri (owner of Petri IT Knowledgebase),his wife, and Guy Teverovsky (creator of the now gone CoreConfigurator) for dinner.  It was great seeing both Daniel and Guy again as well as meeting Daniel’s wife.

I’m sure I could go on and on with more stuff about my trip to Israel (I was there for 14 days) but I’m sure you have other more interesting things to do then to here my thoughts.

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