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Repost from…I will be moving several of the articles over to this blog. Before all this starts, credit must go where credit is due.  I did not come up with all of the info within this article.  A lot of people have felt my pain and have contributed in their own ways.  One place […]

Please don’t just read this post…participate by answering the questions I ask using the comments.  Don’t worry you don’t have to register.  :,,) One of the things that I’ve been waiting awhile for, was a Windows operating system that is smart enough to not have to reboot as much as previous versions.  I thought that […]

Conditional Forwarders was a new feature within the Microsoft DNS server for Windows Server 2003.  It was a great addition that allowed you to specify a specific DNS server for clients trying to resolve hosts in a specific domain.  This way you could tell the DNS server to always go to a specific DNS server […]

In my Administrator’s Guide to Server Core Commands article on AdminPrep I showed you how to display the time on the command prompt of your Server Core command window.  I just read that Daniel Petri has some other cool shortcuts on what you can display on the command window of Server Core.  The one that […]


How many of you have heard of this?  This is the new “Premier Technical Credential” from Microsoft.  The program will be required to obtain the Microsoft Certified Architect program. Kind of weird having the “Premier Technical Credential” in there if it is a prerequisite for another cert…but all the same it looks pretty nice.  In […]