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I’ve seen this issue come up time and time again.  Some administrator decided to remove an old DC from the network but forgot to remove it from Active Directory or the DC has entered a failed state and cannot be recovered from.  In a perfect world DCPROMO is all you have to do to remove […]

This has to be the mother of all resource collections on Microsoft clustering and high availability.  I’ve copied over the links directly from the MS Cluster blog so that I have quick access to them in the future. General Resources Cluster Team Site: Clustering Technical Resources Guide: Failover Clustering Deployment Guide: Validating Hardware for a […]

The following code can be run to display the group membership of an Active Directory group and also let you know each member’s LDAP Distinguished Name.  The output will name the text file the group name and will include all the members and their location in Active Directory.  Just copy this into a txt file […]

From time to time I’ve had to figure out which user account has a specific email address.  Actually its more like finding who has the “” so another “more senior” person can get it.  Well if you work in a smaller company this can be kind of easy…but if your directory has thousands of accounts […]