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Just saw that a good friend and former co-worker FINALLY has a blog up.  Jason’s blog is geared toward PowerShell and it already has some nice posts as well as some videos on PowerShell.  I’m so far behind on the PowerShell curve but i’m sure Jason’s blog will help get me up to speed. 

With Server 2008 R2’s release coming soon all AD admins should take to the time to learn PowerShell since it is going to include ways to manage AD.  So make sure you hit www.jasonhelmick.com for all your PowerShell loving…what’s with the name Jason? :,,)

Also i’m going to need Jason to explain to me why his videos on Microsoft PowerShell are in .MOV format???? What is up with that????

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  1.   Jason Helmick Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the Blog!

    In regards tot he .mov stuff, it”s temporary. I”m puting all the video in Flash so no additional player will be needed. I”m about two weeks away.

    Thanks Brian!



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