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Hopefully some of you have been playing with Server 2008 R2 while it has been in Beta.  One of the features I’m looking forward to most is the AD Recycle Bin.  Yes you heard me correct.  We now have an easy method for restoring accidently deleted objects.  In the past our only recovery method out […]

I just found out that there is an Active Directory PowerShell Blog run by Microsoft’s AD PowerShell team.  I gathered that info from reading up on Jason’s post.  Its amazing how much info you can get from reading other people’s blogs…now on to the regularly scheduled post… After writing my article on the AD Recycle […]

I’ve removed plenty of DCs and Domains in my years.  In fact I recently blogged about how remove a failed DC here.  It seems sometimes after removing a domain from your environment doesn’t remove it entirely.  You may see a message that says the following: The trusts between this domain (abc.local) and the following domain(s) […]