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I admit it…I have issues with email.  So much so that I think I may have OCD.  I’m not trying to make fun of anyone that really has that disorder but I sure feel like I’m obsessed with unread email.  I can’t stand it in fact.  When a new mail arrives in my inbox I […]

If you’ve got time on such short notice try to check out the webcast O’Reilly is hosting on What’s New in Active Directory for Server 2008 R2.  It is going to be hosted by two other Directory Services MVPs Brian Desmond and Laura Hunter. This is a free event and is scheduled for 90 mins. […]

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Everyone has there own reason for loving or hating April Fools Day.  For the last 4 years it has been a day of great joy for me.  I got the email shortly from Microsoft that I was re-awarded my MVP for Directory Services!  I really think this blog has a lot to do with it […]