OCD with Email

Filed Under (Life of Brian) by on 30-04-2009

I admit it…I have issues with email.  So much so that I think I may have OCD.  I’m not trying to make fun of anyone that really has that disorder but I sure feel like I’m obsessed with unread email.  I can’t stand it in fact.  When a new mail arrives in my inbox I seem to stop what I”m doing and read it.  This is not helpful for someone that gets hundreds of emails a day.  Yes most are from monitors and alerts that technically I don’t need to read right away but I can’t stand having those little emails be bolded like they are in Outlook.  I have rules set up to move them into different folders…perhaps I should have rules to mark them as read.  It gets distracting too…like when I’m writing I see an email pops in and jump over to it and read it.  Ohhh and something that just drives me nuts is when I see someone else”s Inbox and it looks like this – Inbox (313). What are you people thinking…how can you have that many unread messages???  I know you just aren’t as compulsive as me and I”m just extremely jealous.

Tonight I go to my first therapy session – Must Read Email Anonymous…crap I guess its not so anonymous now!  :,,)

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