PowerShell Script Center

I’m sure a lot of you have been playing with PowerShell.  If not you better get on it!!!  I’m not as far along as I wish I was but there is help out there.  One great place is to see what others have done.  Microsoft’s TechNet Scripting Center has a place where you can upload your own scripts and search what others have done.  This is great for a community of learning developers…did I just say developers…ewwwww.  :,,)

This link provides a shortcut to filter just the Active Directory related scripts.  From here you can find scripts on Computer Accounts, Domains, Groups, Monitoring, OUs, Searching Active Directory, Sites and Subnets and User Accounts!

If you want to just view all the PowerShell scripts just hit this URL – http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/ScriptCenter/en-us.  Here you will scripts on Active Directory, Applications, Backup and System Restore, Databases, Desktop Management, Group Policy, Hardware, Interoperability and Migration, Local Account Management, Logs and monitoring, Messaging & Communication, Multimedia, Networking, Office, Operating System, Other Directory Services, Printing, Remote Desktop Services, Scripting Techniques, Security, Servers, Storage, System Center, Using the Internet and Windows Update.  WOW that is a wealth of info.

Enjoy and please share if you have any cool ones yourself.

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