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I’d like to share some of the things I look at while do a health check on a server.  Its funny how few resources there are out there on the Internet.  I believe people keep this kind of stuff to them self because they are scared they are going to miss something and they will […]

If you have been playing with the the AD PowerShell cmdlets you know that it requires a few things to run, first Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7, the .NET Framework 3.5.1 and of course if you want to manage an AD domain you need Active Directory Web Services (ADWS) installed on at least […]


I’ve pulled together a list of commands that can be used to help gather information from Active Directory.  Sure there are plenty of commands out there but the following are the ones that I use and stored into my own mental memory banks…no jokes on the lack of memory banks either  :,,) Viewing local and […]

UPDATE – Microsoft appears to have taken this download down.  No word why or when it will be back up. Looks like Microsoft just make the Windows 7 LDS (Lightweight Directory Services) client available.  You can find both 32 and 64 bit clients here. For those that aren”t familiar with LDS, it is the Server 2008 […]

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For the last several years I”ve worked in a team that is spread all across the world.  The following ramblings are the items I”ve picked up from working in a virtual team as well as from books that I”ve read on the subject.  One thing is key, leadership is leadership.  It doesn’t matter if you […]