AZPOSH User Group

Filed Under (PowerShell) by on 08-04-2010

Last night was the inaugural Arizona PowerShell user group meeting known as AZPOSH.  There was well over 20 people there and a great guest speaker.  Dr. Ferdinand Rios who is the CEO of Sapien Technologies spent an hour talking to us about what is new at Sapien…and wow there is some really cool stuff coming out soon.  Dr. Rios is a dynamic presenter and also a coder of some of their products.  He showed off an early alpha version of Visual Powershell which is perfect for a person like me that doesn’t like to remember (ok doesn’t have the mental capacity) a bunch of cmdlets and the ability to save portions of code for later use.  He also showed iPowerShell which is an app for iPhones as well as the iPad.  The future of that app (as long as it gets ported over to other phones) looks amazing.  The ability to use a device like the iPhone or iPad to run PowerShell remotely reminds me of the old Star Trek days.

Jason and Mike both did a great job running the meeting and I’m really looking forward to where this user group is going.  I know they are working on opening this up to a remote audience as well which is really intriguing for people that aren’t in the Phoenix area but still want to be part of the PowerShell community.  Jason suckered me in to presenting for the July meeting…actually I’m really excited to be able to speak about Active Directory and PowerShell.  Can’t wait to attend the next month’s meeting!!!

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