Windows 7 Aero and Microsoft Live Meeting

Filed Under (Windows 7) by on 12-08-2010

I do a lot meetings and training via Live Meeting.  One thing that has irked me for sometime has been that when I share my desktop it goes into a Basic display mode and disables all the cool Aero features.

I’ve figured out a workaround to this.  After you share your screen go the start menu and paste the following into the search box – Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects.  If you have UAC on it will prompt you to click Yes.  The next screen that pops up is a troubleshooter wizard shown below.


If you click next it will go through a process where it checks features and HW to see if Aero can run.  If it worked prior to sharing in Live Meeting it should now work after you run it.

I haven’t found a method to save this theme or settings but each time I need it I run this tool and it gives me the ability to run Aero features!

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