rsAccessDenied Error When Accessing Ops Mgr Reports

Filed Under (Ops Mgr, Reporting) by on 13-12-2010

While setting up some performance reports in Ops Mgr 2007 I’ve been getting an rsAccessDenied message when I try to dig down into the report.

I setup and scheduled several performance reports to run every day and save them as a Web Archive.  I did so using an Admin account through the Ops Mgr console.  I’m able to view the report that is generated but when I click on it to get further details I get the following error:

The permissions granted to user ”DOMAINusername” are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) Get Online Help

If I run this as the admin user that created it I am able to view it.  I tried searching online to find the answer (thus the reason for this post) and there are thousands are possible solutions but none worked for me.  It seems I’ve found out the issue and wanted to share with you…and me when I forget in the future  Smile

From the SQL Reporting server I opened the following page with an admin account – http://localhost/reports
I clicked Home in the top right corner
Select the second tab Properties
Click New Role Assignment
Add the user you want to have access to browse the report
Check the Role you want (I selected Browser)
Click Ok

That was it for me.  Now that user had access to browse the report.

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