The Move to Word Press

Filed Under (Life of Brian) by on 14-01-2011

I’ve moved my blog over to use Word Press instead of the previous Community Server that it was hosted on.  Hopefully all the redirects are set up and the migration worked.  The URL has changed slightly and is now http://blog.msmvps.com/ad.  I’m still playing with the theme and picture (the current one is from last summer in Hawaii).

Hopefully this will motivate me to post more. I’ve actually got a few projects that I’m working on that should lead to more content.  Please feel free to give me feedback on the new site and requests for content wouldn’t be bad either.

In the mean time I also need to test a post with a picture so here is one of Santa and I on the couch at work!


While I’ve got Santa up here I just want to say thanks to him for personally visiting my house the last two Christmas Eve nights and making my girls wide eyed and extremely happy to see him.

2 Responses to “The Move to Word Press”

  1.   brianm Says:

    I didn”t expect the mini picture on the home page for this post. Interesting.


  2.   Bharat Suneja Says:

    Enjoy WordPress – it made blogging enjoyable for me again. 🙂


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