Acctinfo2.dll to get Additional Account info

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Some of you may have used Acctinfo.dll in to get the additional Account Info tab when managing Active Directory from 2003 or Windows XP.  It was a great add on that should you additional info about Users such as their GUID and SID amongst many other things. 

I’ve heard rumors that some people have seen Acctinfo2.dll out in the wild…aka the Internet and that it works on Server 2008 R2.  Please don’t download anything called Acctinfo2.dll from the Internet unless it is officially from Microsoft.  I’m not saying that Acctinfo2.dll doesn’t exist…to be honest I have no idea because I’ve never tried to install it.  But like you I’m not a fan on downloading something that could potentially do harm to my environment.

For those looking to get those “Additional Account” attributes you can still do it.  The first way is to just use the Attributes tab in Active Directory Users and Computers, but there is a an even better way.  All you really need to do is use the Active Directory Administration Center.  Let me show you.

Once you open the Active Directory Administration Center up you can do a search for the user you want additional info on:


Now either double-click on that account or click the Properties from the Tasks on the right side.


These are the standard account properties…but…did you notice the area called Modified on the bottom?  That is where the magic really happens.


Here you can see all sorts of goodies including an account’s SID.  Just take a look at all that goodness.


Good stuff indeed.  Now stop trying to download something that doesn’t exist except in Area 51.

4 Responses to “Acctinfo2.dll to get Additional Account info”

  1.   andrew Says:

    This is fantastic, now not only am I completely unable to tell when a users password has expired (like I used to), I can ALSO get an additional error message for free! ADAC is unable to connect to domains not running Active Directory Web Services.


  2.   igor Says:

    hi, it does exist, can be downloaded here, is official Microsoft, works perfectly, since 2006 🙂


  3.   igor Says:
  4.   Michael Says:

    I’m not really into making a manual mess out of user management but Microsoft seems hell bent on it.

    It was pretty nice having a concise tab that says when a password was last set and that sort of thing especially when users call and ask why their account is suddenly locked out.

    In a large environment there is changes to user accounts all the time so this is, for all intended purposes, useless.


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