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This has to be the mother of all resource collections on Microsoft clustering and high availability.  I’ve copied over the links directly from the MS Cluster blog so that I have quick access to them in the future.

General Resources


Exchange Server

File Server


Multi-Site Clustering

Network Load Balancing

SQL Server

From time to time I’ve had to figure out which user account has a specific email address.  Actually its more like finding who has the “” so another “more senior” person can get it.  Well if you work in a smaller company this can be kind of easy…but if your directory has thousands of accounts it becomes more difficult and time consuming.

What you will want to do is open up Active Directory Users and Computers and right-click the domain and select Search.  Select the drop-down arrow in the Find field to select Custom Search.  If you have multiple domains make sure to select Entire Directory on the In field.  Now just click on the Advanced tab and put the following text in the LDAP Query – proxyaddresses=smtp:<whatever the email is you’re looking for>.  Now all you have to do is click on Find Now and if the email is in use it will show the user account that is using it.




How many of you have heard of this?  This is the new “Premier Technical Credential” from Microsoft.  The program will be required to obtain the Microsoft Certified Architect program. Kind of weird having the “Premier Technical Credential” in there if it is a prerequisite for another cert…but all the same it looks pretty nice.  In fact the only thing it is missing from the MCA is the review board portion.  The Master program is a three week long hands-on training that only takes place in Redmond WA and then you must pass three written exams and a lab-based exam. 

There are currently three speciality areas, Exchange, SQL, and Directory with OCS and SharePoint to be added in the future.  The cost is pretty high.  A $125 non-refundable application fee and then $18,500 program fee (which includes the exams).  Retakes are $250 for the written and $1,500 for the lab.

If you take the first run (beta) of either of the specialities you can get a 50% discount.  Each speciality has it’s own prerequisites that can be found on the links below.

Here are the running times:

October 6–October 25, 2008 (50% off)
January 5–January 24, 2009
March 16–April 4, 2009

October 20–November 8, 2008 (50% off)
January 12–January 31, 2009
March 16–April 4, 2009

November 3–November 22,2008 (50% off)
February 16–March 6,2009
May 4–May 23, 2009

More info can be found on this blog too.

Good luck to anyone that attends, I wish I could but that cost and time commitment is tough.

I just found another gem that I”m sure everyone will love. While surfing over at I saw that they had 5 virtual labs on IIS, three on IIS 7 and two on IIS 6. These are the real deals where you connect to an actual Virtual Machine and have free reign over it. It comes with a PDF lab manual that resembles the labs from the Official Curriculum that a CPLS would use. After digging a bit further I found that TechNet also had quite a few Virtual Labs available on Vista, SQL, Exchange, Office 2007, ISA, SharePoint, SMS, and Server 2003.

I thought it would be a good idea to put these labs all in one place for people to use. I know I”ll be taking them!!!

IIS 6 and IIS 7

IIS 6.0 – Compression
IIS 6.0 – HTTP Caching
IIS 7.0 – Core Server
IIS 7.0 – Configuration
IIS 7.0 – Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Windows Vista

Windows Vista Security Overview
Windows Vista Management Overview
Windows Vista Windows System Image Manager Overview
Windows Vista Collaborate in Small Groups Anywhere, Anytime
Windows Vista Improve your PC”s Power Management
Windows Vista Easily Manage your Data Synchronization
Windows Vista Set Up and Connect to Networks with Simplicity
Windows Vista Improved and Automated Help Options
Windows Vista Instantly Search and Find Information
Windows Vista Built-in Diagnostics
Windows Vista Better Protection from Malware
Windows Vista Browse with Enhanced Security

More Virtual labs

What”s New in SQL Server 2005
Microsoft 2007 Office System Overview
Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Introduction to ISA Server 2006 Beta
Introduction to SharePoint Portal Server 2003
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003-Distribution
Introduction to Windows Server 2003 Management
SMS Hardware, Inventory and Web-Based Reports

Ok so after linking all those labs I just found out there a TON of labs online available for you. Go here for a list of all them…take a look at the bottom.

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While doing my morning browsing I noticed the Exchange Team”s blog had a post that walks you through the installation of Exchange 2007. Since I haven”t had the time to play around with Exchange 2007 this was a pleasure to see and read through. I can”t wait to get some free time and play with Exchange. I have to say the new setup wizard looks nice. Has anyone installed it yet? I would love to hear what you think.