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I just saw off another MVPs blog that Microsoft is making Virtual PC 2004 free!  This is not a demo but instead the full product.  Microsoft has said for some time that this component will come with Vista and it looks like this confirms that as well.  Take a look for yourself.

Just remember, you still need to have a valid licence to install the OS using this software.

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Update: It looks like Microsoft is pulling this down.  The reason being that in a corporate environment it would be way to easy for people to hide stuff in this password protected folder.  There also is no recovery options.  I personnaly like it and if you can”t remember the password then don”t use it!!!

Microsoft has released Private Folder 1.0 for Windows XP SP2.  This free product (that is not supported) allows users to lock a folder with a password to a folder called My Private Folder.  Passwords for this folder must be 6 – 16 characters long and can only contain letters and numbers…for some weird reason symbols are not included.

The folder remains unlocked for 5 minutes of idle time before you must enter your password again.  That threshold can be configured from 3 minutes of idle time to never (thus you would have to manually lock it).

You can download Private Folder 1.0 directly from Microsoft”s website.


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This is hands down the coolest thing I have seen
on the web in a LONG time.  GE has an online whiteboard that you
can actually share with people.  You have to check this out

GE Whiteboard

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…is NOT going to be the next name for the
server product currently known as Longhorn.  [:,,)]  However there were
some pretty funny ones they came up with.  Check out some of the
names they played around with here.

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Ward Ralston of the Windows Server Division at Microsoft sends news that Monad (tasked based command shell & scripting language) has a new name…Windows PowerShell.  I”m not sure I like the name so much but hey it”s hard to beat cool codenames like Monad.  By the way a quick search on Google on PowerShell and it gives you the following

PowerShell is a terminal emulator for the X11 Window System

I wonder if Microsoft knew if this name was already being used?

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For the first time since 1993 Intel (the company I work for) is releasing an new brand name entitled Intel® vPro™.  You may be familiar with our last desktop brand name as it changed the industry…does the brand name Pentium ring a bell???  This is Intel”s third new brand name in 3 years.  If you know the other two brand names put them in the comments and let”s see who can get it first.

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This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen on the web (and i”ve seen a lot).  As most of you know Microsoft makes software for MACs such as Office and Virtual PC.  There is a group of people at Microsoft that just play with MACs.  Take a look here to read up on it and see for yourself.  Below you will find a picture of their automation lab.


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I didn”t see this one coming, probably because I haven”t even played with SQL 2005 yet.  I will be building a SQL 2005 cluster very soon so i”m about to get my hands dirty with this one.

Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for SQL 2005.  How long has SQL 2005 been out?  This seems to be the fastest service pack release I have ever seen.

Here is a list of improvements with SP1 and here is where you can find the fixes.

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