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This has to be the mother of all resource collections on Microsoft clustering and high availability.  I’ve copied over the links directly from the MS Cluster blog so that I have quick access to them in the future.

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I was playing around with Microsoft’s Hyper-V today and ran into some problems managing the service remotely.  I set my server up and wanted to connect via RSAT from my Vista box but was not able to connect to my server because of permissions.  No biggie there, actually I didn’t expect I would just be able to connect to the server and manage Hyper-V.  I did think that after installing Hyper-V that there would be some groups created to help manage Hyper-V…needless to say I was wrong.

Thankfully I found a great series of posts on delegating access to VM and Hyper-V and thought it would be great to share them here with you.

Delegation Model in Hyper-V – Part 1
Delegation Model in Hyper-V – Part 2
Delegation Model in Hyper-V – Part 3
Delegation Model in Hyper-V – Part 4
Delegation Model in Hyper-V – Part 5
Delegation Model in Hyper-V – Part 6

Basically Hyper-V uses Authorization Manager to delegate what you can do within it.  If you haven’t used AzMan don’t be scared, the posts walk you though several scenarios. 

And for those of you that are interested in the HW aspect of my project…This is simply a development server that I”m using to test some things.  It is an HP DL360 G5 with a single quad core XEON (only 2 Ghz) with 16 GB of RAM.  All my VMs will be hosted locally (not sure on the number yet).  I’m trying to set up an environment that people can use to practice Server 2008.  I don’t think the CPU is going to be that much of a limiter since there won’t be a ton of people on at the same time doing processor intensive operations.